SpecificationsVW TL 774 C, BMW N 600 69.0, MB 325.0, MAN 324 NF, Opel/GM, B 040 0240, Deutz TR0199-99-1115/5 DE


Cooling fluid based on ethylene glycol and intended for all types of older vehicles, agricultural and construction machines. Protects the cooling system against corrosion year-round and prevents the engine from overheating in the summer months.

It is applied into clean cooling system according to the procedure of a car producer. It is soluble in drinking and demineralized water to required freezing point according to the manufacturer’s recommended conditions. Coolant DYNAMAX G10 is miscible with cooling liquids based on monoethylene glycol (ethylene glycol and propylene glycol).

Recommended dilution ratios:

1 part DYNAMAX COOLANT G10 : 1 part Aqua – usage to – 32 °C;

1 part DYNAMAX COOLANT G10 : 1,5 part Aqua – usage to – 26 °C;

1 part DYNAMAX COOLANT G10 : 2 parts Aqua – usage to – 17 °C


DYNAMAX Cool 10 (SDS, CLP2017)

TDS-Dynamax Cool G10

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