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Production and logistics

  • Laboratory
    Own analytical laboratory for the testing of all basic parameters of the raw materials and products before and after filling into consumer packages.
  • Storage of raw materials
    Total storage capacity of raw materials is more than 1,100,000 litres. They are stored both in underground and overground tanks. Pumping to and from the tanks is system-controlled.
  • Mixing
    Mixing finished products is provided by 14 tanks with volume from 6,000to 50,000 litres, with total capacity of 300.000 litres per day. The tanks are directly connected to the filling lines.
  • Fulfilment
    Thanks to 8 automatic filling lines with capacity from 6,000 to 30,000 litres per hour, we can respond flexibly to the customer requirements and orders. The fully automated lines ensure efficiency of the production process, which largely impacts the price of the finished product.
  • Logistics
    Logistic halls with total area of more than 4,000m2 and capacity of 4,208 pallet spaces are equipped with modern handling technology.The orders from abroad can be prepared in 5 business days, depending on the volume of the order. In case of interest, we provide for transportation by our own / external / maritime transport directly to the customer’s storage.