SpecificationsVW TL 774 D-F; ASTM D 3306, MB 325.3, MAN 324 SNF, DQC CB-14


Cooling Liquid produced on the base of monoethylene glycol withspecial anti-corrosion additives. It is specially developed for modern aluminum and alloy cooling systems. Provides all year-long protection of the cooling systems against frost and corrosion. In 2008 received the prestigious award for quality – Slovak Gold.

In 2008 DYNAMAX COOL ULTRA G12 was awarded by prestigious Gold Medal and by Certificate of quality trademark Slovak Gold. It contains a substance preventing from the ingestion of coolant.

It is applied into a clean cooling system according to the procedure of car producer. It is soluble in drinking water or demineralized water to the required pour point by the producers standards. DYNAMAX COOL ULTRA G12 is miscible with cooling liquids based on monoethylene-glycol (ethylene glycol and propylene glycol).

Recommended dilution ratios:

1 part DYNAMAX COOLANT ULTRA  G12 : 1 part AQUA – usage to – 32 °C

1 part DYNAMAX COOLANT ULTRA  G12 : 1,5 part AQUA – usage to – 26 °C

1 part DYNAMAX COOLANT ULTRA  G12 : 2 part AQUA – usage to – 17 °C


SDS-DX Cool Ultra G12 CLP2017

TDS-Dynamax Cool Ultra G12

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