Dynamax Greases

  • High-performance multi-purpose lithium grease  that reduces wear and friction, and perfectly protects against corrosion. Good mechanical stability allows extended grease and therefore wheel bearing life. Excellent EP (extreme pressure) and low friction additives prolong the vehicle life. This oil is suitable for bearing systems in the mobile machinery as well as  in industry. It is also recommended for use at higher pressure and speed. It is particularly suitable for rail vehicle bearings. The temperature range:  -30 °C / +120 °C (short term up to +140 °C).   SDS-Dynamax LTA 3 EP CLP2017 TDS-Dynamax LTA 3EP
  • SPECIFICATIONS: NLGI 2 PERFORMANCE LEVELS: DIN 51502: KP2K-30, DIN 51825: KP2K-30, ISO 6743-9: L-XCCEB 2, ISO 6743-9: L-XCCHB 2, ZETOR   Aluminum complex grease containing antioxidant and anti-corrosion additives. It is intended for the lubrication of plain bearings and rolling at an operating temperature from -30 °C to + 100 °C (for periodic lubrication up to + 120 °C).   SDS-Dynamax LTA 2 EP CLP2017 DYNAMAX LTA 2EP (TDS, 2018)  
  • DYNAMAX AK 2 is complex, loamy, plastic lubricant  that contains antioxidant additives improving anti-c orrosion qualities. It is intended for the lubrication  of rolling and plain bearings, operating in medium  pressures. Recommended operating temperature  range is from -30 °C to +100 °C (with regular lubricating  up to +120 °C).   SDS-Dynamax AK 2 CLP2017 TDS-Dynamax AK 2
  • DYNAMAX AK 2G is plastic lubricant manufactured  by using a complex loamy thickener and high quality refined base oil. It contains antioxidant additives improving anti-corrosion qualities, and also additive  of graphite to ensure electrical conductivity and  protection from seizure. It is intended for lubrication  of rolling and plain bearings operating at increased  pressures. Recommended operating temperature is  from -25 °C to +120 °C (with regular lubricating up  to +140 °C).   SDS-Dynamax AK 2G CLP2017 TDS-Dynamax AK 2G
  • Aluminum complex grease is water resistant lubricant with excellent adhesion to the metal surfaces. It is  used for sliding parts of vehicle chassis, low-speed gearboxes, chains and wheel bearings, operating at  low speed and medium pressure. The temperature  range: -20 °C / +100 °C.   SDS-Dynamax AK 00 EP CLP2017 TDS-Dynamax AK 00EP

Multipurpose high-quality DYNAMAX lubricants are suitable for lubrication of bearings and systems that require reliable operation of the part or the entire system. Thanks to a combination of specific properties, such as the excellent water resistance and adhesion to metal surfaces, DYNAMAX lubricants provide optimal protection, low friction and prolong the life of parts as well as entire systems.